the perks of living alone?

Soon I can celebrate? my two months here in DK, yet I'm still wondering if I'm happier than I was in Prague. My posts may sound like I'm complaining and I hate it here so much, but I'm actually quite satisfied, happy in a way...But what I struggle with the most and most people who moved out from their parents know this for sure: living on your own.

I am still dependant on my parents of course. I don't have a job here (yet) and even if I'm trying to live an inexpensive life (which in Denmark means "normal" life in CZ), I still kind of struggle in terms of how much I can spend on this and that and so on. My parents are supportive and my mum of course wants me to eat, so if I start talking about how everything is expensive, she just shuts me down with: buy it and don't worry about it.

Another thing that I started hating the most is doing groceries. It takes me ages to get out of my room and go shopping even though my stomach is screaming for food. Especially when I'm a little sick or on my period, I tend to just stay in bed and wish I had someone to do my groceries for me- oh I miss my mum.

And when it comes to being sick- who will take care of me? I was used to live in a family full of doctors and nurses so I was always taken care of. Especially when I have tonsillitis every year and I suffer quite a lot. Who will make me chicken broth and make me tea? Nobody. Maybe it's a motivation to stay healthy and eat a lot of vitamin C!

But it all has it's perks. As a person who wants their own space- I have it now and that makes me happy. I learned to cook proper meals, I know how to wash my clothes (not that I didn't know that before but... now it's perfect), I have my own daily regime and I can manage my time better.

Of course I'm not planning to live alone for the rest of my life. Sharing a place to live is definitely better and you can avoid these hopeless moments when you feel like shit but you still need to get things done. Like me, right now, struggling to get on my bike and go to buy some goodies to Lidl.

have a nice weekend.


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