food waste

Ever since I came here, I was eager to try trash diving at least once during my studies here in Denmark. If I told this to my friends back in Prague, they would just give me disgusted looks and I would be the weird girl who sneaks out in the middle of the night just to get some free food. I have read many articles and forums and learned about the unwritten rules of trash divers, took silicone gloves that we have in our dorms for cleaning and went with my friend C. on a mission.

I felt weird, I'm not going to lie but when we reached the containers and met fellow students from our uni who helped us a little bit was fun after all. The other supermarket has just emptied the container so the packs of pasta that were lying on the bottom were impossible to reach...too bad. But anyway...we ended up with many goodies; bananas, avocados, bread. I didn't take much, because I know that some people need it more than me.  Yet I think I will definitely try it again because it's food! Perfectly good food for free.

So if you're in DK or any other country where it's possible to try trash diving give it a go and you won't regret :).

All my prayers to Paris.




Yesterday I came across a situation that probably everyone with social media experienced; someone unfriended you. It's a thing that happens in real life as well, people just stop talking to you for whatever reason... but facebook makes it painfully visual. Suddenly you're unable to talk to someone you used to call your friend or at least that happened to me.

I had this friend...well if you can call it like that... It was a friend I never met but we used to talk a lot, we skyped few times, we shared our problems and mutual music taste. It was nice to have a friend like that, since I "met" him during my last year of high school and I didn't really feel like I had many friends back then. It was the time when I realised I might have been surrounded by my classmates every day, and I considered them as friends, but then we finished high school and I barely talked to them.

So since December we were talking basically every day. Of course I saw it only as a friendship because I was dating other guys but he never seemed like it was a problem; why would it be? We lived so far from each other. But then March happened and I met my boyfriend. We started dating, I tried to spend as much time with him as I could, I managed to graduate and even to be accepted to university. Meanwhile I was of course talking to my friend; not so often as before which I think started this alienation.

I don't think I'm that type of person who has to mention their other half in every conversation. I try not to do it, since I always hated when people were like that. But I did mention him sometimes to my friend, just because I felt he could understand some problems we had. Our conversations went from often to occasional and then... nothing. I tried to talk to him again back in September because I moved here and I felt like an old friend could help me survive this "shock" from moving away. But it was a short conversation, cut out by him, so I never tried again.

And yesterday I was browsing on facebook and I noticed that I haven't seen his posts for a while. So I checked his profile and it said: add as friend.

I messaged him after in a text, but I was told that I am basically a bad person because I was throwing my relationship in his face and he felt like I was playing with his feelings.

Well...clearly I don't understand men. And I'm sorry.

Have a nice weekend.