Since I'm waiting at Geneva airport at the moment, quite bored and really lonely, it's time for another post. My autumn holidays started last Friday after a horrible school trip. Why horrible? Well, it could have been amazing I'm sure and many people were excited to go, me on the other hand...not so much. The theme of the trip was teambuilding. Danes are used to work in teams all the time, practically since kindergarten so they wanted us, international students, to experience that in a holiday resort not far away from Herning.

The activities made me feel like I'm at a summer camp again; building a catapult in a pouring rain, walking blindfolded in a forrest and the best part making a raft out of wood and barrels that was supposed to take us to the middle of a lake and back. I'm not a person who enjoys this and when 7 members of our 9-member-group decided to boycott the whole programme and went to the swimming pool instead, I was even more pissed off since I paid horrifying 115,- euros for just 2 days...

Well everything horrible ends with things that are a bit more enjoyable I guess. In my case it was waking up at 5am on Sunday and going to visit Lyon after two months. Thanks to fucking German Wings they made my short trip even shorter by changing the date of my flight back to Friday instead of Saturday. But I enjoyed it. Well...mostly the time spent with my boyfriend. I don't know why but France makes me feel like an alien. People can speak English but after a while they kind of stop trying and rather have a conversation in French. But that's just a part of me being in love with a French guy. I guess I really need to learn more than "bonjour".

Now my trip is over. I will spend a night in Hamburg and try to explore it a little during the morning and then back to Herning again. At least I finally received my CPR and I can start looking for some job and stop being stressed about getting sick without a health insurance. Thanks god for free health care.

Have a nice weekend!


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