first month... really?

Wow, I survived a month in this place already? Well, it's actually not that surprising. I mean..I'm still struggling with this big plot twist in my life, getting used to this depressing weather and the incredibly high prices. But I'm still here, still alive and I might even say it's getting better and better.

You already know what my struggles were two weeks ago. My first project seemed like a disaster and thanks to me (yes, I am a bit selfish, whatever) it went pretty well. We got a grade 10, which is like the second best grade of the weird danish grading system. So I'm satisfied for now.

School is getting more interesting and the time passes by quickly. So far we had design classes (which really creative- I love it!) and technology (basically how clothes are made). It might seem strange that I enjoy subjects that are more creative because when I'm supposed to draw something it looks like a creation of a 5-year-old child. But thankfully we can also express our "creativity"in a different way- thank god for Photoshop- my bff during my studies.

I started danish lessons. Oh wow, it is challenging but I like it. Actually I like it a lot even though it's a weird language with even weirder pronunciation. But well...it's for free and I would really like to understand at least a little and not feel so alienated.

Now I'm working on a new project, our team-building trip is coming and after all of that I will actually have holidays. I'm going to France and it's like the best thing of the upcoming month.

when my boyfriend's friends ask me to speak French

when we finished the project and I didn't have to work with my group anymore

what are foreign students really doing all the time...

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