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Two weeks have passed and I'm surprisingly still here in Herning. First weeks of uni were kind of weird. I guess for me it's still a "getting used to live by myself" period. I managed to loose my credit card before the school even started (it was a good idea to bring some cash with me) so I had to wait for almost 2 weeks to get a new one (brilliant). 

I bought a bike and now I'm only having problems with it (second hand bikes ftw). I managed to get a  flat tire today so you can imagine my excitement when I will be paying for the repair. That means soon I will be poor and even more poor, eating pasta all week...yay.

Group work, group work, group work. By the time I will finish my studies here I will hate those two words. Why? So far it has been a disaster... To be honest, I thought it's going to be a problem since it was always a problem at my previous school. If you're in a group with people who work on a different level or put a different amount of time in the project, you are screwed. Why? Because 
a) you will do the entire thing for them (without them even saying thank you) 
b) you will have the same attitude and end up with a terrible project- yaay! 

I don't want to talk shit about someone on my blog. I guess we all now how it is so let's leave it like that.

The project we're currently working on is called "Discovery Project". 4 contemporary designers (furniture or fashion) and their design DNA (which I still completely don't understand, but never mind). It's fun I guess... but working with my group is the biggest nerve wracking challenge I've ever experienced. I designed the written part of the project, combining black and white pictures, nice blue colour and an amazing recycled paper. It looks pretty good and I'm happy with it. And it's the only thing that makes me at least a bit happier while struggling with the rest. Well, it's almost finished and then we will hopefully do something more fulfilling. 

I could complain about my life more... and I could always tell myself, hey...let's pack my things and go home..go back to Prague and start uni there. But I'm not. This is what I wanted...This is how it's going to be.


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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is better to experience such bad start-ups so that you may find self-motivation regardless the situation. You were never expecting an easy life, I hope:) so this may be your "great beginning"... Try your best to improve your skills, even re-discover them with trying new things... You'll be just fine:)