first impressions


I'm here! After hours on airplane/trains dragging my 29kg suitcase(which made me absolutely dysfunctional the next day) I managed to arrive to Herning and also go to a party on the same day.
Here are few things I noticed during my first few hours here.

-it's so windy, my hair is just flying around like crazy
-everyone I met so far speaks English (it's a well known thing though)
-having a bike here is really an essential but it's also crazy difficult to find a second-hand one since everyone else is looking for one at the moment
-Danes drink and they drink A LOT (no wonder we have a saying in Czech "he drinks like a Dane")
-everything is so clean and neat (except for the kitchen in my dorms)
-it's surprising, but I'm feeling safe here (as a girl) but when I was walking on a street with my friends, few cars were honking at us... (please stop that)

School starts on Tuesday so I will have more to write about!


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