I make a shitty blogger.

Tereza, the self-proclaimed blogger is back with yet another meaningful post about her current life crisis. It's been a while and honestly, not much has changed. My life in Herning is pretty much making me feel like I am the most boring person in the universe. If someone said that being a university student means partying, having a great social life and having the best times of my life, they were wrong. Well at least about me. I feel like I turned into a very old soul and a much bigger introvert than I was before.

Take January for example. It was a month which first of all started very shitty; illness, break-up, leaving home to come back to Denmark after Christmas. The list of reasons could go on and on, to be honest (and yet I told myself that I will be much more positive in 2017). But on the other hand, it was another month that gave me a chance to realize a lot of things (yes this year is ALSO about realizing stuff... thanks, Kylie Jenner for ruining that one for me). I moved my ass a little and started doing yoga every day (Yoga with Adriene, thank you very much!) which helped tremendously to my mental and physical health. I also read a lot of books and I plan on reading even more in the following months (my goal is 25 books for this year). And lastly, I'm trying to stay organized. Everyone is following the bullet journal trend which I find pretty cool but with my lack of creativity and overall ability to always mess everything up with my handwriting, it probably won't work for me on long-term bases. So I purchased a very lovely planner from Doller (which deserves all the hype around it) and even though my schedule is not one of the busiest, I still manage to at least keep track of all the activities that I have during my days in Denmark.

So yes, as much as 2017 seems not so different from 2016 (well it is just a number), I feel that it could lead to new opportunities and experiences. Which surprisingly will begin very soon since I need to figure out my situation after graduating from VIA. Should I stay in Denmark for another year? Should I go back to Prague and start studying from the beginning even though I don't feel like being a "freshman" once again? Well, decisions have to be made and as much as it sucks to plan my life ahead, it has to be done.

Let's hope for another interesting year and also that I will be able to ramble more frequently on this blog than before.


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