work work...or not?

It's been I don't know... 6 or 7 months since my arrival to Denmark and I think a lot has changed since that moment. From a complete hopelessness after my first month to me, laughing about this school every day more and more. I'm not trying to throw shade on my school. Maybe it's my fault or maybe the fault of czech education that makes you feel like you always have to sit at school, read text books all the time and have so many exams that it drives you crazy... well that's what I heard when I came back home last month and met my ex-classmates who stayed in Prague.

Meanwhile I could go on holidays for almost a month (during which we just had 3 classes...I know, so much!)  and basically didn't miss out on much. We are told that this is because we're supposed to work outside of school and gain knowledge on our own.. but what exactly should that be?!

Now that my first year is almost over, I'm thinking about doing my BA top up somewhere else, take a gap year, change my life a little again. Which is healthy right?

I don't regret coming here and choosing this uni. Just my motivation went from 100 to like... 20 percent... which is scary since this school was supposed to make my "life decisions" easier...

Other than that big project is coming, I'm still trash diving and we are supposed to volunteer at a music festival in Aarhus in June (exciteeeed).



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