moment of silence for all those who feel lost.


I'm almost done with my second year of studies and yet again I feel like I have absolutely no idea what am I doing with my precious little life. Welcome to my world of constant worrying, existential crisis, insomnia and chaotic mind; What have I learnt during these two years? How can I use this knowledge in the future? Is this what I want to do? Am I good enough? 

All of this is floating over my head like a big dark cloud of anxiety because I feel like the people around me are doing great and definitely better than me. All of these super positive, good-vibes-only, fake-ass people on social media have such a bad impact because they only show themselves in the best light. No wonder our generation is (sometimes) so lost when you have all this bullshit around you 24/7. At this point of life, I just unfollow all the people that I don't get any value or aesthetic pleasure from and it's almost like this big pile of worries is removed from my mind. Well not really. It also takes a lot of effort to stop comparing yourself to others, focusing on your own goals and don't take anything anyone else says personally. Basically, the recipe to stop feeling like you have no direction is to let go of everything and do what feels best for you and only you.

Because even the most "I'm always happy" insta-girl is feeling this way and there is nothing wrong with it. We are just humans and we are not designed to be flawless and perfect. If all of these emotions and pressure from the outside creeps in my mind I just go offline, read some good book, learn a challenging yoga pose, drink some good tea, meditate or just take a nap- the best solution for all problems. So yeah, let's just say fuck it because everyone is good enough.

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